DON JON – FULL REVIEW – 7 out of 10.  

Don Jon is not your normal movie, since it is not a documentary, but the life of Don Jon played by Joseph Gordon Levitt, it is unusual since it is narrated by Joseph Gordon. As he describes the things that are important in his life, it sounds like a normal 25 year old. His car, his appearance, and women. But you realize within the first 3 minutes that the movie is about his addiction to Porn. The movie decides to make the wide and global assumption that all men do Porn. I took offense immediately, since I find Porn disgusting and degrading. Since this is a movie review and not about my sexual preference, let me continue. Joseph Gordon without a doubt hired a personal trainer like many Hollywood A-list stars do. Right from the start, shirtless, hair slicked back, he looks fit, determined and confident. As we know Don Juan stands for a sex god of women, a player who’s only intention is to seduce as many as women as possible and considered to be a great lover and known for his incredible skills in bed satisfying all the women he has sex with. The movie portrays his slick, and confident swagger, only picking up the best looking ladies in a retro disco style nightclub. He proceeds to pick up many good looking women, while still doing porn every day. The narration is clear, porn is better than the real thing. He becomes obsessed with one female who did not bed the first night and a relationship blossoms. Scarlett Johansson is stunningly sexy and beautiful and plays the part of the Queen bitch perfectly. The movie makes a very sarcastic, and degrading reference to the sacrament of confession of the Catholic religion. To the point it could be considered blasphemy. “Bless me father for I have sinned, my last confession is one week ago, and I watched porn every day and masturbated 17 times, for these and all my sins I ask for your forgiveness.” I see the point of it in the movie almost like trying to rid his inner conscience of this repulsive behavior, “I will sin all week, because on Saturday all my sins will be forgiven.” Any hoot, the movie makes a few good points, pornography is and has been proven to be addictive. It causes a mental imbalance where even sex with real women is not as good.

I will not go into everything that happens, but will make note the movie was only a 6 until I watched it the second time. I realized how clever Joseph Gordon was. Every scene his Teenage sister was in, she was glued to her Smart phone. Since every teenager today is glued to their smart phone you really do not notice her. She is never seen looking up and you would think she is not paying attention to anything else but her smart phone, but out of the blue she puts her phone down to give her brother some smart advice, incredible really.  You can watch the whole movie and literally miss 12 seconds and miss the whole point of his sister. (HINT – make popcorn and pause movie to pee). I will not divulge what she said or why or what happens, after all it’s a review not a summary. The question is: “WAS HE ABLE TO CONTROL OR BREAK HIS ADDICTION TO PORN?” I guess you will just have to watch the movie to find out.  After watching it twice I gave it a 7 for pure entertainment of very slick and sick player addicted to porn. The real Don Juan was not, a true lover of woman, but he was born and died before the internet was created. The real question I had after the movie; if it shows him having hard and fast intercourse how do they do that? Stunt men and women? No you can’t see anything purely innuendo? Still how do they do that?



Mens Fashion by Joe

As winter came, I realized, my winter coat, was a 2nd hand green Army coat. If it were a Navy Pea coat it would have been fine. But an Army Green coat with US Army stamped on it? I went through all the coats I owned. The nearest jacket considered good enough did not have a zipper, the next was a nylon ski coat, not very fashionable. So I set out on a Quest for a new winter coat, fashionable, warm, with a formal look, yet functional. So full length Cashmere coats were ruled out immediately. Full length coats were ruled out.
12 Stores, 18hours of shopping, and I finally purchased a brand new winter coat, manufacture was NordicTrack high performance material, waterproof, yet has a sophisticated look. I could not decide between all black and two tone with grey? So I asked the sales lady do you have a bright white button down dress shirt I can borrow to try the coats on. She looked and laughed, I guess men do not ask such questions. With a smile I said, “I can’t decide the shirt will help”. She got me a shirt and I realized the two tone, offered greater versatility in accessories and colors, not only white but a grey turtle neck, with black or grey dress pants, would look Awesome.
WALLA – my first brand new coat in over 10 years

High performance with style and class

High performance with style and class

Men do not have luxury of matching purse and shoes, so accessories are scarfs and gloves. I already owned the finest leather gloves, hand stitched from supple Italian sheepskin leather, warm 3M 40gram insulate lining.

The finest Leather Gloves

The finest Leather Gloves

I needed a scarf. So I started to search for a scarf, after only 4 hours of shopping I had a long grey with silver glitter scarf, and a black and grey alpaca scarf both elegant and sophisticated.

Two new scarfs matching colors

Two new scarfs matching colors


How can you wear a new coat without new pants? New black Docker dress pants, cotton/wool blend.

Black Docker  Dress pants

Black Docker Dress pants

I even opted for new black soft cotton long sleeve jersey and new high performance Hanes underwear and Nike socks.
Socks, Underwear, and long sleeve t-shirt

Socks, Underwear, and long sleeve t-shirt



I found the perfect shirt to accent all the new clothing from English Laundry, Elegant and Arrogant, upscale, hand stitched, dress shirts from England.

English Laundry White Dress shirt

English Laundry White Dress shirt

sledding 002

Only one thing to go, new shoes or boots? With winter in mind, I wanted sophisticated yet distinct, exotic boots.
A new quest began, for knee high lace up, dress boots. After 16 hours of searching, over 10 stores, I found the perfect boot, from a Gothic shop in the UK. Replica WWII German officer dress boot circa 1939. (Minus the German Iron cross that was boldly attached to the boot). They also added a side zipper while the German officers literally had to pull them on and had to have help pulling them off. Yeah I did a little research on who wore them, most of the officers were part of the SS not good. But Hell I am too young to worry about WWII.

Black Knee high, laced boots

Black Knee high, laced boots


The German Iron cross crica 1939

The German Iron cross crica 1939

“ROOFIES” “The Hangover movie” drug

“ROOFIES” “The Hangover movie” drug

What exactly is a Roofie? Flunitrazepam (pronounced /ˌfluːnɨˈtræzɨpæm/)

A short-intermediate acting benzodiazepine derivative, flunitrazepam is prescribed for the treatment of severe insomnia, trade name Rohypnol (informally Rufinol) -also marketed in some countries under the trade names Hipnosedon, Hypnodorm, Flunipam, Nilium, Vulbegal, Silece, Darkene, Ilman and Insom.

The drug is sometimes used as a date rape drug, commonly referred to; as a “ROOFIE”


I know someone who was recently the victim of this drug. I pride myself in my ability to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

Yes, I do drink a beer or two or a vodka and cranberry when I go out. So alcohol free? No, but definitely have not been officially drunk for many many years. Recently someone I know who had just one rum and coke, decided to picked up a 16 oz. solo cup a young woman left behind and began to drink whatever she was drinking. Much like the Seinfeld episode where George takes a chocolate éclair from the trash can and begins to eat it. His defense was it was still in its fancy pastry dollie, on top of the trash, and he knew who took one bite out of it. The dude was talking to a young lady; she put her drink down and decided to leave. He got lazy and since her 16oz solo cup was almost full, he began to drink her drink. Within 15 minutes of almost finishing this drink, He went from singing and dancing to passing out, first he putting his head down on the bar, then finding himself on the floor in a corner of  the room. One of the young hippie girls he was dancing with, literally picked him up off the floor and guided him to a couch. Where she gave him water and a pillow. At one time during the night he was talking to her, he did not know where he was, where he lived, where his car was? All he knew was he must have gotten so drunk he could not move. It was not until the next morning that he realized the drink intended for that young lady, had the hangover drug in it – called “Roofie” The dude must weight 185lb+ and one rum and coke will not cause him to pass out, neither would whatever drink, she was drinking in solo cup. Since he had lost consciousness the only logic he thought at the time; He must be drunk? He said he felt like vomiting but could not – WHY? Because one rum and coke and at least 32oz of water and ½ large pizza before he left, he felt like vomiting was not alcohol related. I tell this story today because this was really a bad experience.


  • How fast did it take effect?  Less than 15 minutes after drinking half of that girls drink
  • What happened first? he became drowsy, delusional, and needed to lean or sit down
  • The Next 5-10 minutes? he knew he was sinking fast, losing it, unable to keep it together.
  • Next 15-30 minutes? He does not remember, only remember putting his head down to Sleep?
    • After that? A young lady who he was dancing with came and helped him to a couch, she stated the dude quickly went from dancing to passing out and she found him on the floor in the corner of the room? He does not remember how he got to floor?
    • How long did it last? Best guess was passed out by 10:00pm and in and out of it till 2am so about 4 hours after drinking that girls drink.
    • At 2am? he was able to get up on my own, pass a sobriety test, walk a straight line, and drove home. He knew where he was, where his car was and where he lived. He got home at a piece of pizza and went to bed.

    What is really scary about this whole ordeal was the “Roofie” was not meant for him, but the young 20something girl who left her drink behind. Someone at the party had this planned. Keep an eye on her, once she needed to lean or sit, go help her by taking her arm and basically carrying her wherever he wanted, after all the dude weights 185 while she had to be a whole 125 lbs. Scary that this happened to an innocent dude, even scarier that it was meant for someone else. So while everyone laughs at what happened in the movie “HANGOVER” it is serious and an off the wall investigation.


    In summary, even though it is a scary thing, He is blessed beyond imagination.

    This is not luck. 2 women, he did not know their names? he never met them before and he only talked to them briefly. He did however smile and dance with both of them for about an hour. Yet, purely out of the kindness in their hearts, they spent the time and cared for him, a stranger to them, with no expectation. This was an incredible and unbelievable act of kindness and generosity seldom seen anymore. This is equal to, if not greater than “Miracle on 34th street” or “It’s a wonderful life”


    Here are some general facts on Date Rape since the girl at the party most likely knew the guys that were at the party. Although not specifically on a date with one of them, she clearly was there because she knew several people who were there. The statistics are shocking to say the least. Amazing men have stooped so low as to say that 33% of them would commit rape if they could get away with it? Shocking – be careful what you tell me, for I live in a peaceful existence, a non-violent world, but I would literally take you out if you told me you were going to try raping someone. Especially with a “Roofie”

    Facts about date rape: 

    From National Studies Of College Women

    * 84% of women who were raped knew their assailants.

    * 57% of rapes occurred on a date.

    * 25% of men surveyed believed that rape was acceptable if: the woman asks the man out; if the man pays for the date, or the woman goes back to the man’s room after the date.

    * 33% of males surveyed said they would commit rape if they definitely could escape detection.

    * 84% of male students who had committed acts that clearly met the legal definition of rape said what they had done was definitely not rape.

    * 75% of male and 55% of female students in an occurrence of date rape had been drinking or using drugs.

    * Only a quarter to a third of women whose sexual assaults met the legal definition of rape considered themselves rape victims.

    * Many women do not report or characterize their victimization as a crime for reasons such as embarrassment, because they do not want to define someone who assaulted them as a rapist, or because they do not know the legal definition of rape. Many women blame themselves.

    * Nearly 5% of college women are victimized in any given year, meaning over 4 years one-fifth to one quarter of a cohort of women may be assaulted. Similar numbers experienced attempted rape.

    * The majority of rapes occur in living quarters–60% in victim’s residence, 10 % in a fraternity, 31 % in other living quarters. Off campus victimizations also took place in bars, dance clubs and work settings.

    * 50% of high school boys and 42% of girls said there were times it was acceptable for a male to hold a female down and physically force her to engage in intercourse.

    Forcible rape occurs once every 1 hour and 38 minutes throughout the state of Florida. (FDLE Crime Clock, 2010)

    The Stats were taken from a College who did a study in 2012




(Stats from Cosmopolitan magazine)


NOTE: About the author; (I have been reading Cosmo and other magazines and articles on line from match dot com, and others for the last 10 years. So my views are not solely based on one survey in the December issue of Cosmo.)

AS we all know more people from around the world get engaged during the Christmas holidays, more than any other time of year. This year Cosmo took a large scale survey of MEN, not women. The views are drastically different than women. The average age of the male surveyed was 30. A similar survey was done a few years ago with the average age for women being around 28. That survey had only 59% of women see Marriage as a goal. This year with all MEN answering the questions it was both heartfelt and warming to know. MEN believe in marriage. Over 83% of men surveyed say they consider Marriage a goal in life they want to achieve. Men indicated that some women are datable but not marriage material. (Have fun but won’t be bringing her home to mom any time soon). They majority 63% said they will not miss having intimate relations with more than one person. Whether or not they lied because after all when things get personal on these surveys everyone lies (You wonder why 79% of men cheat?) LOL


Specific Questions on MARRIAGE

Marriage is?

An amazing Lifelong partnership – 79%


Should couples live together before marriage? YES – 56%

HUGE change (has the Catholic Church sanctioned this?)


The Most important things to do before getting married? 

Have sex with as many women as you can – 6%

Have a Good solid career and employment – 86%

Own a home – 5%

Have a savings account and retirement account – 16%

(WoW) on home ownership, this tells me that I can be a financial advisor to many young couples. For Home ownership is still the biggest tax break there is.

Regardless of current property values, statistically homes and land basically are great

Investments and hardly ever lose money.


When you think if she is Marriage material?

You think of someone who you can?

Travel the world with, (Amazing Race without the pressure) – 35%

Have sex with the rest of your life – 16%

Start a family with – 73%


What age should you start thinking about commitment to one?

21 – 3%

By 25 – 25%

By 30 – 25%

By 35-  6%

Whenever- You find one true love – 46%


Thoughts of marriage?

Nervous – 12%

Excited – 42%

Indifferent – 36% (this is the same group of men who said Yes to living with each other before marriage, if you are living together getting married is just a formality)

Scared shitless – 2%

Marriages that will need a pre-nup = 12% I got this from women surveyed assume since a pre-nup is mutual agreement between two people both legal and in writing it would be close to being the same for men, it just was not asked


AS of Today Will the wife change her name?

Absolutely – 50%

It’s up to her – 47%

We can combine – 3%

(The first time they all added up to 100%)

This is a huge cultural change before 1960 over 93% of women changed their last name to the mans’ last name


Men’s biggest fear about marriage?


“I fear getting to an age where the pressure to have to get married will make it feel like I have to do it.”


“Worried how life will change with kids? Will I still be able to go hunting, fishing and hang out with the guys?”


“I worry about falling in love, finding my soulmate and not being able to commit to marriage because I don’t have my finance’s together enough to propose.”


“Men assume once you get married you have to act mature and all grown up, they worry they have to grow up and men in general do not want to grow up. We want to play like kids as along as we can.”

(Myth buster, find a women who likes to play with you, it’s called forever young with the right person)


“I am afraid that my wife will become boring and loose her adventurous spirit?” (See myth buster)


Combined from several different sources both men and women agree 89% on this one.


Would you marry a virgin – NO – 89%?

I do not have TV but there was bachelor who stated he was a virgin and the show encourages sleeping together on exotic getaways. Yet 89% of men and women under 30 say no to the virgin? Why? Let’s face it sex is a part of marriage and part of life. I just threw this in. I have a whole blog on the bachelor who declared he was a virgin.


IN Summary, MEN unlike women want to get married.

(Myth buster that men are less committal than women that simply is not true).



A random act of kindness is a selfless act performed by a person or people wishing to either assist or cheer up an individual or group. One small, thoughtful gesture can make someone else’s day.


I saw a chance to win a Kindle Fire, write an essay on kindness or do a video, I watched two videos. Although the thought is nice both are staged events. A guy picks a homeless man who needed shoes?

How original – Not. A NYPD bought a homeless man shoes not long ago, but before this video was made. To video tape it, it had to be staged.  There is nothing wrong with what he did but he did it for the wrong reason. Most generous acts of kindness go unnoticed.

The other video I watched was a girl who wrote down 24 acts of kindness, and proceeded to check them off one by one.  Again nothing wrong with what she did for many, but it’s more of pre-planned things to do list, instead of random acts of kindness. Again it is cool, but lacked what kindness really means.

I Googled Act of Kindness – on the first page Oprah Winfrey – write down these 35 things and check them off one at time. A checklist to be kind? Ouch; it should just be natural and come from the heart.

Then I read this; Essay must answer, “Spreading kindness has made me happier and healthier because…” or “Spreading kindness made a difference in my life because…”

I have been doing random acts of kindness for many years now. They have made no difference in my life. What is really tough is learning to give without expectation. That is the real JOY behind doing or giving an act of kindness for someone.  

One Christmas a teenage girl, maybe 15, was in line in front of me buying a fancy sequined, studded jacket. As she struggled to pay, starting to count change. I Yelled, “I WILL PAY For that” as I gave the cashier my credit card, not even knowing how much that jacket was. She almost began to cry, the cashiers jaw dropped and her mom gasped, “Why a stranger would do that. As they left the store and others thanked me for what I had done, the joy in that act of kindness was priceless. Healthier for it NO, happier, for a moment, by the time I started my car it was over. The difference in my life is being able to give to someone with no expectation in return.

How about the time I stopped to help 2 teenage girls with a flat tire, they got the jack out, but could not break the lug nuts, I changed the tire, no big deal but the flat tire had lots of treads left. I suggested get it fixed at Wal-Mart, next exit only a mile away? (They looked at each other like – that would require money?) Here is $10 go get that tire fixed and put back on car. They looked at me like I was from outer space that look was priceless as they thanked me. I saw them heading to Wal-Mart, I drove off happy a little act of kindness helped. But difference in my life? Healthier? Happier? Not sure about that. I have been doing this for so long, I don’t have to write a list or find someone in need, it just sorta happens.

 Last week a young lady I met at concert – 22yr old, announced on Facebook she got a job at Cedar Point, when you work at Cedar point at 22 you live at Cedar point and you are on your feet all day. What sounds like a cool job is also a huge sacrifice. Summer for a 22 yrs old girl is; boys, concerts, swimming; partying till the sun comes up. She is going to give most of that up. But it was a HUGE step in her progress in life. She was unemployed living with mom and dad who are dirt poor. It was a blessing for them to see their little girl get a JOB, one of her first since HS, beside a brief stint at McDonalds. This girl’s future looked bleak, but this job to me took courage and responsibility. First time she will be living on her own away from mom and dad. So I bought her a pair of brand new tennis shoes, but unlike the  the guy in the video, I did not buy just one pair. I bought her 3 pairs of tennis shoes. Wear the same shoes day after day; you ruin the shoes and the feet. I bought her 10 pairs of socks. One per day before laundry and 3 during the week in case her feet get wet. This Act of kindness again has no expectation, I barely know the girl, but believe me when she puts on the Nikes or New Balance or the Reeboks her feet will know.  So when you ask for an Essay; that must answer, “Spreading kindness has made me happier and healthier because…” or “Spreading kindness made a difference in my life because…”  those tennis shoes and socks did not make me much happier, or healthier, they made really no difference in my life, as she gets the shoes and socks she needs to make her job at Cedar point a little easier to stand or walk she is the one who is healthier, and happier and I made a difference in her life not mine. I will just bid on DealDash for a Kindle Fire, for those who decide to do an act of kindness for a chance to win, really don’t understand what giving without expectation is all about and surely if you have to be reminded to be kind, than you don’t understand what a kind act is. I will close with best of luck to those who do acts of kindness maybe it make a difference in their life and they will continue to do so. The stories I have can fill a book, not an essay.



In the first few hours
Every time a sick person coughs, she expels some 2,000 virus-laden droplets. If you inhaled any of those (or touched a door handle coated with them, and then rubbed your nose or eyes), they have floated through your nostrils and are burrowing into your airway’s cells. Unlike colds, which attack the nose and throat, the FLU VIRUS can travel into the lungs.

Your immune system goes on the offensive immediately. It begins churning out antibody and T cell soldiers that latch on to and destroy the virus. Had you been vaccinated against this particular strain, you’d have antibodies stockpiled.

For the next day or two
You’re unaware that the virus is now using your body’s cellular machinery as a copy machine. Swollen with rapidly multiplying flu, the infected cells in your body begin bursting like water balloons, spewing virus everywhere. You are now contagious. Hence, you should always sneeze into a tissue or cough into your inner elbow.

By day four
Your immune system can’t keep up with the furious flu spread. Symptoms hit you like a freight train. You can go from feeling peppy at lunchtime to being bedridden by 5 p.m., beset with fever, chills, headache, and crazy-tender muscles. (Taking a few ibuprofen can help ease the aches.)

It’s not the virus that makes you feel like crap. The misery stems from inflammation, the result of an immune system in “code red!” All of your body’s energy is being used to slay the flu; you can hardly muster the energy to walk to the bathroom.

To keep dead cell debris from clogging up your lungs, you develop a dry cough. Your throat starts to ache from the irritation, which can trigger a release of mucus. A saline nasal flush might help. j

For the next three to five days
The only things that can really help you now, antibodies and T cells, are locking on to their targets. You’re stuck in bed. (If you started taking prescription Tamiflu right away, you might recover a bit faster; otherwise, don’t bother with vitamin C or other OTC fix-its. Stick with tons of fluids and rest.)

If you’re really unlucky, normally harmless throat bacteria have descended into your lungs to feed on dead cell remnants, putting you at risk for pneumonia.

After about a week
Assuming you’ve escaped pneumonia, your immune system finally stamps out the flu virus. Whew. Your inflammation slowly subsides, as do your symptoms. But you may still be contagious for a day or two more–and it may take another week to feel like your normal, healthy self.

Moving forward
Wash your Hands and sing. Sing happy birthday to you, it takes about 20-30 seconds to sing that song. It’s the single best way you can fend off a new flu virus. Scrub your mitts with soap under running water for at least 20 seconds after shaking hands with people or touching communal stuff like a bathroom stall.

Written by doctors without permission

What is TamiFlu? –




The sermon today focused on having a path towards leading a good Christian life. He used an old Jewish word which meant catapulted or shot from an arrow, not a slow meandering pace but a fast accurate direction. He stated the Greek term for Sin was missing the mark. So the analogy of an Archer aiming the arrow to hit the bull’s-eye (the Good Christian walk), and missing the whole target = Sin. I only wish in times past I wrote this down, because the way I view my walk has been the same for last 10 years and has not changed much. I wrote it down many times already but never blogged it, I wrote it in personal letters to people. One thing about knowing your walk it is easy to recall and since it has not changed it is fairly easy to write again.

I like to compare my walk to a long and winding highway. The highway is most often just two lane blacktop passing through the country with corn fields and cows, and mostly farmland. It often passes through large towns and cities and becomes 4 lanes and often has many exits as the speed limit also varies from slow to very high speeds. Most of the time I have been able to stay on the pavement heading in the right direction. Choosing the middle lane always seems the best and safest. I stopped smoking and do not drink alcohol very often and when I do it is in moderation never becoming drunk. When trying my best to concentrate on the road up ahead I often notice the farmland gives way to a beautiful scenic forest of evergreens and with large fields of tall grass and wild flowers, it is than I slow down to capture the beauty of the scenery as I drive past. Sometimes something so breathtaking it is worth pulling over and stopping and parking on the soft shoulder. This is similar to seeing a beautiful woman, where I cannot just take a quick glimpse but need a good solid look. So I stop and gaze in wonderment of how a woman can smile at me and how she makes me feel. Still I am on the soft shoulder and Lust has not entered my mind. Yet other times she does not notice me and she walks through the field of tall grass and I can barely see her anymore so I hop the Fence by the soft shoulder of the road. It takes great effort to climb this fence so she really has to be worth the effort, once I climb over the fence I can still the road is close by and not far off. But sometimes the loneliness creeps in and like a large Squid with long tentacles’ it reaches out and grabs a hold of me and pulls me into the tall field of grass, I now can see her again and her beauty is my attraction, as she dances in the field I run now to try and catch her. She now notices me and she laughs and knows my name; “come Joey, come to me, dance with me.” The need for affection and love being so great I listen and obey and run faster trying to catch her. I can no longer see the road as I am heading for the woods, the deep dark Forrest. She is at the entrance of the Forrest and beckons me to follow her in the woods. My heart races as I want her, I can smell her, like a primal beast stalking my prey, I snarl and growl as the animal in me takes over. What was once a man now just a mammal with no modern or trained thought, just raw emotions built up over time. I jump and launch myself into the woods chasing after her, once in the dark woods, impure thoughts and lust take over, I can see creatures looking out, yellow eyes in the darkness, fear is breathing through the air, as I am the hunter and the woman is now my prey. It is than I lose my way, my moral compass is out of whack, I lose track of time and where I am only thinking of her. Minutes, hours, days can go bye, once I devour her, I am satisfied almost like a Lion who takes down a large wildebeest, it gorges itself so full it falls asleep, and when it wakes there is plenty more meat on the carcass. The good news is friends and family and God come looking for the lost and often stumble upon me. “JOE did not know you were in the woods, follow the path we made out of the woods back to the road and get on you bike and drive home” I listen to them and start singing that song, I Once was lost and now I am found, a wicked wretch like me. I find the roadway and now I must go and stay on the road. A feeling of great Joy comes over me, as it overtakes me and once again I realized I have sinned and need to repent. I reach the road and thank God and others from rescuing me. I tell God I am sorry and will try to keep on the road. As I speed down the long road the one we call our Christian walk, I try to keep my eyes focused on the road ahead in the middle lane the safe lane, and once in a while I take short glance over to the beauty on the side of the road.

I am proud to keep on the road the mass majority of the time. We are after all only frail humans who need love and affection and finding it along the road, at the road side rest which is still fenced in near the highway, is often harder to do than hoping the fence and running through the fields into the deep dark woods to play. Putting on horse blinders is no way to live life, having self-control and maintaining it is a daily mission. Some call it your daily Christian walk in life.

As you can see not exactly the bow and arrow shot from the archer hitting the bull’s-eye that I sincerely believe is only for few after all who can honestly say they hit the bull’s-eye dead center every day? Better to think of the Christian walk as a highway and you can change lanes and even stop on the soft shoulder, take a glimpse after all it is not a sin to enjoy the beauty around you. Than you get back on the bike and ride off and merge into the safe lane, the middle lane, and keeps your eyes focused ahead. That is how I view my Christian walk.


A Young lady at work was getting married. At 24 she glowed with the annoucement. Love has a way of making people Glow, almost like those glow sticks when unactivated they just are pieces of round plastic but smack them and all of sudden they come to life and glow in the dark illumanating for many to see. She was like a glow stick and struck by LOVE she glowed. I wanted to give her a wedding present something she would rememeber for a long time. I know I will create this really cool LOVE Poem. Than it dawned on me, at 24 how much can she really know about relationships and what makes them work? If I want to get along for a day with 20 somethings, never give them advice but this was different this was very specific advice. Marriage is special and needs the attention to detail in the advice. So I wrote a few things down and preceeded to draw a blank, so I started to do research and went to library and read many many books, and blogs and articles on marriage advice from those I put together my own marriage advice. Being naturaly long winded, it was 10 pages long, Way too long for a short Note on Marriage advice, so everyday I took one topic and either threw it out, or wittled it down to one line. That was my goal ONE liners, From whole pages to one liners, could it even be done? Well hours and days and weeks turned into months and Yes I got it to be one liners. An example from the marriage advice blog is the line about money, that was 3 pages and now just one. Yet the advice is perfect for any relationship. So without further ado. The Best marriage advice you will find anywhere on the interenet.


Advice is free, take it or leave it so I wrote down a few things for you

Two people come together to share their life together

Learn to listen it is the greatest form of communication

Love with all your heart

Learn to compromise for nothing is set in stone

Say I love you often

Hold hands until you die its like sex with your cloths on

Life is a long road, take time to relax and enjoy it

When you say; in sickness and health really mean it

When the question comes up; what to do or what to eat

Never say I DUNNO, make up your mind what you want

Happiness only comes to people who know what makes them happy

Take the time to write ten things that make you happy

refer to list when you are sad and blue

Nothing ever stays the same, accept change.

All relationships are unique

you have to work on them for them to succeed

Appreciation and being grateful are magical

Being thankful will only bring more reasons to give thanks

Before arguing, decide if it is worth it

Marriage will bring money together, discuss how to spend it

Before it becomes an issue

May your life be filled with happiness

Like a feel good Movie with a Happy ending,

May you grow ole and love each other until life is no more

 I stated the Best; for a One page One liner Note. (No it is not everything, and it is not the most complete that would be much more than one page and surely not summarized in one lines for each topic.)

CALL GIRLS Make better GFs

1.) You know she will never cheat on you. You know she is already having sex with other men.

 2.) You know the sex is good she has had a lot of practice and does not mind getting Kinky once in awhile.

3.) She is carefree and so there is no talk of getting married or commitment anytime soon.

4.) She does not need flowers or candy or even a call after a great date.

5.) Call girls are normally good looking and skinny and not hung up on their bodies or how fat they are. They are comfortable in their own skin.

 6.) Call girls are just like cops, they are girls with emotions like just like cops. Treat them the same way you would any girl you would meet at church or POF or e-harmony. Yes they like going out to dinner, they like to go for walks in the park and swimming and concerts. The love when you take them for motorcycle ride.

7.) Most of them do not need a pre-planned date a week in advance and 2 hours to get ready for date. Stop at their house after a fun night out at the Main street saloon and see if they are home. If she is home, “Hey babe want to go for ride, if she does not have apointment, she will most likely say, “HELL ya!” As she grabs her shoes, purse, cell and smokes and out the door on the back of your bike.

8.) Upon returning home you don’t have to worry how late it is or how you look or smell or whatever. Nope make an advance for sex and she is ready willing and able – BFs get a freebie.

9.) I mentioned they do not need flowers or chocolates, but with no special occasion you stop in and give her flowers or chocolates she smiles, instant sex, right there no messing around, most GF would not respond with instant sex, they would respond with a kiss and thank you that was sweet. But remember #6 they are like cops? Yes, they still say thank you and that was sweet, could be before or after the spontanous sex.

10.) Call girls know how to let loose and get wild and crazy and do not need a 5 star restaurant or hotel, so they are a lot of fun right out off the bat. They appreciate the 5 star hotel or restaurant more than normal girls who expect it.  After all they are used to rooms by the hour and McDonalds.

Yes, there are a lot of advantages to having a girlfriend who is a call girl. there are many negatives too, but Hey this is a happy blog. Not a serious, investigative 20/20 story.




The morning air still, quiet, but moist as you can feel the rain coming

Morning Fires, as they crackle and grow, they provide warmth and there glow – light

Sitting, as the Fire grows, contemplating Life as I know it

Like Fire; relationships only take a small spark to ignite, the wind and air provide oxygen

Kind words, fun and flirty conversations are like adding dry kindling to the small flames

Then the sprinkles came, and like failed relationships, you try to add more wood to keep it growing

Knowing that if you can make the fire big enough it will keep burning while it rains.

You try to work things out, you work so hard at it, yet it is all in vain.

But like relationships doomed, no matter how much wood you put on; the steady downpour is

too much for the fire to last. You stand up soaking wet as the last little amber hides under a wet log

You watch it trying to stay, clawing its way to drier wood, and in one gust of wind it dies out.

I looked up at the sky; I love the rain, as it splashed on my face, my morning shower of sorts.

Failed relationships are much like a fire, they turn to memories, ashes, and the rain

Washes’ them a away.

I wonder how long I will have to wait before the sun comes out, and shines on my lonely face.

You learn things as times goes on about building relationships

The Next one I have I will bring lots of DRY wood and Gasoline, and let the rains come.

We will see who wins, I AM JOE