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No one ever lost their job on Facebook because it is not addicting, never was,
never will be, but MySpace was addicting, so addicting we logged on in the
morning, logged on at work, logged on when we got home, and stay logged on way
past bedtime, and when we were not logged we dreamt about logging on. people
actually lost their jobs, because instead of doing their jobs they risked it all
to log on to MySpace, it was just that fun. you could meet new people, make new
friends and have a blast, What did not work on MySpace – imitating Facebook,
status comments did not work on MySpace, and that is the only thing Facebook
actualy has, sure they might have games and music, and groups, so take note;
WHEN MYSPACE was Addicting FUN, it had bullitins not status comments, it had
HTML comments, it had a incredible Blogging community where there was more
talent on MySpace then all other social media combined. You were able to create
your own profile, you learned HTML, you had music jukebox players, you had
games, like mafia but so much more. Most important you did not have to know the
persons last name, or e-mail address to message or friend them. Try meeting
stranger on Facebook is simply is not going to happen. Facebook is for sharing
things, stories and pictures, BUT GUESS WHAT most of the time you really don’t
want to share stuff with your Uncle or Aunt or close family, and what about
people you went to High School with? Well If they have not found Joe Radgowski
then they sure weren’t looking very hard I take the first 3 pages of Google, not
hard to find, so screw old high school people, you did not need HS people on on
MySpace and I would rather not invite my whole church to my Myspace page, thats
for Facebook Why because facebook only has status comments so you log on and say
what a bad day you had or wake up and tell a funny story how you made coffee but
fogot to put coffee in. NO bring back the MySpace of 2006-07 you will see
bloggers come back and blog contests where comments go on for days as everyone
writes on a specific topic, there use to Music blogs about new bands and such,
people from across the world would come and join in the converstation, next
thing you know they like what you wrote and tell you, next thing you know, you
met a new friend from Australia, or UK or Germany, get rid of the facebook like
button too. My Dad died and people stopped in and hit the like buttton, HUH, if
there is a like button there should be a dislike button, so when your dad dies
people can dislike the fact your dad passed away not hit the LIKE button whats
there to like about your dad dying. Trust me when I say, Myspace use to be FUN
and ADDICTING, why because it was a real social meeting place from around the
world, where strangers shared stuff, and people woud drop a comment with some
flowers or cool graphics just to say Hi. been on MySpace since 05 I wrote a very
throughly researched blogs on how MySpace formed, how it got moving, all the way
to News corp buying it. Facebook is boring, status comment and log off, average
user on Facebook (who does not play games) – 10-15 minutes. Average time a
MySpace user back in 2007 – 4 to 5 hours or more. enough to get you fired
because you just had to find out if someone commented or saw your latest post.
Wish you luck thanks for not closing and Justin is cool so hope he has some good
insights, i wrote a blog about the Movie the Social network, good review of
Justin in it. women, women, sex, and more women. LOL take care thanks for
listenng to my opinion of what works and what didn’t. I AM JOE or scuffer12345
=privacy settings ZERO – WHY becuase if you are afraid of what someone might
think don’t post it. it is just that simple