A random act of kindness is a selfless act performed by a person or people wishing to either assist or cheer up an individual or group. One small, thoughtful gesture can make someone else’s day.


I saw a chance to win a Kindle Fire, write an essay on kindness or do a video, I watched two videos. Although the thought is nice both are staged events. A guy picks a homeless man who needed shoes?

How original – Not. A NYPD bought a homeless man shoes not long ago, but before this video was made. To video tape it, it had to be staged.  There is nothing wrong with what he did but he did it for the wrong reason. Most generous acts of kindness go unnoticed.

The other video I watched was a girl who wrote down 24 acts of kindness, and proceeded to check them off one by one.  Again nothing wrong with what she did for many, but it’s more of pre-planned things to do list, instead of random acts of kindness. Again it is cool, but lacked what kindness really means.

I Googled Act of Kindness – on the first page Oprah Winfrey – write down these 35 things and check them off one at time. A checklist to be kind? Ouch; it should just be natural and come from the heart.

Then I read this; Essay must answer, “Spreading kindness has made me happier and healthier because…” or “Spreading kindness made a difference in my life because…”

I have been doing random acts of kindness for many years now. They have made no difference in my life. What is really tough is learning to give without expectation. That is the real JOY behind doing or giving an act of kindness for someone.  

One Christmas a teenage girl, maybe 15, was in line in front of me buying a fancy sequined, studded jacket. As she struggled to pay, starting to count change. I Yelled, “I WILL PAY For that” as I gave the cashier my credit card, not even knowing how much that jacket was. She almost began to cry, the cashiers jaw dropped and her mom gasped, “Why a stranger would do that. As they left the store and others thanked me for what I had done, the joy in that act of kindness was priceless. Healthier for it NO, happier, for a moment, by the time I started my car it was over. The difference in my life is being able to give to someone with no expectation in return.

How about the time I stopped to help 2 teenage girls with a flat tire, they got the jack out, but could not break the lug nuts, I changed the tire, no big deal but the flat tire had lots of treads left. I suggested get it fixed at Wal-Mart, next exit only a mile away? (They looked at each other like – that would require money?) Here is $10 go get that tire fixed and put back on car. They looked at me like I was from outer space that look was priceless as they thanked me. I saw them heading to Wal-Mart, I drove off happy a little act of kindness helped. But difference in my life? Healthier? Happier? Not sure about that. I have been doing this for so long, I don’t have to write a list or find someone in need, it just sorta happens.

 Last week a young lady I met at concert – 22yr old, announced on Facebook she got a job at Cedar Point, when you work at Cedar point at 22 you live at Cedar point and you are on your feet all day. What sounds like a cool job is also a huge sacrifice. Summer for a 22 yrs old girl is; boys, concerts, swimming; partying till the sun comes up. She is going to give most of that up. But it was a HUGE step in her progress in life. She was unemployed living with mom and dad who are dirt poor. It was a blessing for them to see their little girl get a JOB, one of her first since HS, beside a brief stint at McDonalds. This girl’s future looked bleak, but this job to me took courage and responsibility. First time she will be living on her own away from mom and dad. So I bought her a pair of brand new tennis shoes, but unlike the  the guy in the video, I did not buy just one pair. I bought her 3 pairs of tennis shoes. Wear the same shoes day after day; you ruin the shoes and the feet. I bought her 10 pairs of socks. One per day before laundry and 3 during the week in case her feet get wet. This Act of kindness again has no expectation, I barely know the girl, but believe me when she puts on the Nikes or New Balance or the Reeboks her feet will know.  So when you ask for an Essay; that must answer, “Spreading kindness has made me happier and healthier because…” or “Spreading kindness made a difference in my life because…”  those tennis shoes and socks did not make me much happier, or healthier, they made really no difference in my life, as she gets the shoes and socks she needs to make her job at Cedar point a little easier to stand or walk she is the one who is healthier, and happier and I made a difference in her life not mine. I will just bid on DealDash for a Kindle Fire, for those who decide to do an act of kindness for a chance to win, really don’t understand what giving without expectation is all about and surely if you have to be reminded to be kind, than you don’t understand what a kind act is. I will close with best of luck to those who do acts of kindness maybe it make a difference in their life and they will continue to do so. The stories I have can fill a book, not an essay.



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I AM JOE, more than just a name more of a persona of who I am. A 53 yr old man who is creative and comes with integrity and honest. with these my credibility is solid, and reliable. My diverse lifestyle I love to write, have a passion for it, so i have chosen wordpress as my outlet to let out my feelngs, and opinions and views on many different topics. I enjoy reading poetry and other blogs. romance and relationships and fantasy are some of the categories. I know more about Afghanistan than the most people in government. so I occasionaly sound off about getting out of that country quickly. I am single, and adore women they make me all tingly. enough said for now

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