A Young lady at work was getting married. At 24 she glowed with the annoucement. Love has a way of making people Glow, almost like those glow sticks when unactivated they just are pieces of round plastic but smack them and all of sudden they come to life and glow in the dark illumanating for many to see. She was like a glow stick and struck by LOVE she glowed. I wanted to give her a wedding present something she would rememeber for a long time. I know I will create this really cool LOVE Poem. Than it dawned on me, at 24 how much can she really know about relationships and what makes them work? If I want to get along for a day with 20 somethings, never give them advice but this was different this was very specific advice. Marriage is special and needs the attention to detail in the advice. So I wrote a few things down and preceeded to draw a blank, so I started to do research and went to library and read many many books, and blogs and articles on marriage advice from those I put together my own marriage advice. Being naturaly long winded, it was 10 pages long, Way too long for a short Note on Marriage advice, so everyday I took one topic and either threw it out, or wittled it down to one line. That was my goal ONE liners, From whole pages to one liners, could it even be done? Well hours and days and weeks turned into months and Yes I got it to be one liners. An example from the marriage advice blog is the line about money, that was 3 pages and now just one. Yet the advice is perfect for any relationship. So without further ado. The Best marriage advice you will find anywhere on the interenet.


Advice is free, take it or leave it so I wrote down a few things for you

Two people come together to share their life together

Learn to listen it is the greatest form of communication

Love with all your heart

Learn to compromise for nothing is set in stone

Say I love you often

Hold hands until you die its like sex with your cloths on

Life is a long road, take time to relax and enjoy it

When you say; in sickness and health really mean it

When the question comes up; what to do or what to eat

Never say I DUNNO, make up your mind what you want

Happiness only comes to people who know what makes them happy

Take the time to write ten things that make you happy

refer to list when you are sad and blue

Nothing ever stays the same, accept change.

All relationships are unique

you have to work on them for them to succeed

Appreciation and being grateful are magical

Being thankful will only bring more reasons to give thanks

Before arguing, decide if it is worth it

Marriage will bring money together, discuss how to spend it

Before it becomes an issue

May your life be filled with happiness

Like a feel good Movie with a Happy ending,

May you grow ole and love each other until life is no more

 I stated the Best; for a One page One liner Note. (No it is not everything, and it is not the most complete that would be much more than one page and surely not summarized in one lines for each topic.)


About scuffer12345

I AM JOE, more than just a name more of a persona of who I am. A 53 yr old man who is creative and comes with integrity and honest. with these my credibility is solid, and reliable. My diverse lifestyle I love to write, have a passion for it, so i have chosen wordpress as my outlet to let out my feelngs, and opinions and views on many different topics. I enjoy reading poetry and other blogs. romance and relationships and fantasy are some of the categories. I know more about Afghanistan than the most people in government. so I occasionaly sound off about getting out of that country quickly. I am single, and adore women they make me all tingly. enough said for now

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