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In the first few hours
Every time a sick person coughs, she expels some 2,000 virus-laden droplets. If you inhaled any of those (or touched a door handle coated with them, and then rubbed your nose or eyes), they have floated through your nostrils and are burrowing into your airway’s cells. Unlike colds, which attack the nose and throat, the FLU VIRUS can travel into the lungs.

Your immune system goes on the offensive immediately. It begins churning out antibody and T cell soldiers that latch on to and destroy the virus. Had you been vaccinated against this particular strain, you’d have antibodies stockpiled.

For the next day or two
You’re unaware that the virus is now using your body’s cellular machinery as a copy machine. Swollen with rapidly multiplying flu, the infected cells in your body begin bursting like water balloons, spewing virus everywhere. You are now contagious. Hence, you should always sneeze into a tissue or cough into your inner elbow.

By day four
Your immune system can’t keep up with the furious flu spread. Symptoms hit you like a freight train. You can go from feeling peppy at lunchtime to being bedridden by 5 p.m., beset with fever, chills, headache, and crazy-tender muscles. (Taking a few ibuprofen can help ease the aches.)

It’s not the virus that makes you feel like crap. The misery stems from inflammation, the result of an immune system in “code red!” All of your body’s energy is being used to slay the flu; you can hardly muster the energy to walk to the bathroom.

To keep dead cell debris from clogging up your lungs, you develop a dry cough. Your throat starts to ache from the irritation, which can trigger a release of mucus. A saline nasal flush might help. j

For the next three to five days
The only things that can really help you now, antibodies and T cells, are locking on to their targets. You’re stuck in bed. (If you started taking prescription Tamiflu right away, you might recover a bit faster; otherwise, don’t bother with vitamin C or other OTC fix-its. Stick with tons of fluids and rest.)

If you’re really unlucky, normally harmless throat bacteria have descended into your lungs to feed on dead cell remnants, putting you at risk for pneumonia.

After about a week
Assuming you’ve escaped pneumonia, your immune system finally stamps out the flu virus. Whew. Your inflammation slowly subsides, as do your symptoms. But you may still be contagious for a day or two more–and it may take another week to feel like your normal, healthy self.

Moving forward
Wash your Hands and sing. Sing happy birthday to you, it takes about 20-30 seconds to sing that song. It’s the single best way you can fend off a new flu virus. Scrub your mitts with soap under running water for at least 20 seconds after shaking hands with people or touching communal stuff like a bathroom stall.

Written by doctors without permission

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The sermon today focused on having a path towards leading a good Christian life. He used an old Jewish word which meant catapulted or shot from an arrow, not a slow meandering pace but a fast accurate direction. He stated the Greek term for Sin was missing the mark. So the analogy of an Archer aiming the arrow to hit the bull’s-eye (the Good Christian walk), and missing the whole target = Sin. I only wish in times past I wrote this down, because the way I view my walk has been the same for last 10 years and has not changed much. I wrote it down many times already but never blogged it, I wrote it in personal letters to people. One thing about knowing your walk it is easy to recall and since it has not changed it is fairly easy to write again.

I like to compare my walk to a long and winding highway. The highway is most often just two lane blacktop passing through the country with corn fields and cows, and mostly farmland. It often passes through large towns and cities and becomes 4 lanes and often has many exits as the speed limit also varies from slow to very high speeds. Most of the time I have been able to stay on the pavement heading in the right direction. Choosing the middle lane always seems the best and safest. I stopped smoking and do not drink alcohol very often and when I do it is in moderation never becoming drunk. When trying my best to concentrate on the road up ahead I often notice the farmland gives way to a beautiful scenic forest of evergreens and with large fields of tall grass and wild flowers, it is than I slow down to capture the beauty of the scenery as I drive past. Sometimes something so breathtaking it is worth pulling over and stopping and parking on the soft shoulder. This is similar to seeing a beautiful woman, where I cannot just take a quick glimpse but need a good solid look. So I stop and gaze in wonderment of how a woman can smile at me and how she makes me feel. Still I am on the soft shoulder and Lust has not entered my mind. Yet other times she does not notice me and she walks through the field of tall grass and I can barely see her anymore so I hop the Fence by the soft shoulder of the road. It takes great effort to climb this fence so she really has to be worth the effort, once I climb over the fence I can still the road is close by and not far off. But sometimes the loneliness creeps in and like a large Squid with long tentacles’ it reaches out and grabs a hold of me and pulls me into the tall field of grass, I now can see her again and her beauty is my attraction, as she dances in the field I run now to try and catch her. She now notices me and she laughs and knows my name; “come Joey, come to me, dance with me.” The need for affection and love being so great I listen and obey and run faster trying to catch her. I can no longer see the road as I am heading for the woods, the deep dark Forrest. She is at the entrance of the Forrest and beckons me to follow her in the woods. My heart races as I want her, I can smell her, like a primal beast stalking my prey, I snarl and growl as the animal in me takes over. What was once a man now just a mammal with no modern or trained thought, just raw emotions built up over time. I jump and launch myself into the woods chasing after her, once in the dark woods, impure thoughts and lust take over, I can see creatures looking out, yellow eyes in the darkness, fear is breathing through the air, as I am the hunter and the woman is now my prey. It is than I lose my way, my moral compass is out of whack, I lose track of time and where I am only thinking of her. Minutes, hours, days can go bye, once I devour her, I am satisfied almost like a Lion who takes down a large wildebeest, it gorges itself so full it falls asleep, and when it wakes there is plenty more meat on the carcass. The good news is friends and family and God come looking for the lost and often stumble upon me. “JOE did not know you were in the woods, follow the path we made out of the woods back to the road and get on you bike and drive home” I listen to them and start singing that song, I Once was lost and now I am found, a wicked wretch like me. I find the roadway and now I must go and stay on the road. A feeling of great Joy comes over me, as it overtakes me and once again I realized I have sinned and need to repent. I reach the road and thank God and others from rescuing me. I tell God I am sorry and will try to keep on the road. As I speed down the long road the one we call our Christian walk, I try to keep my eyes focused on the road ahead in the middle lane the safe lane, and once in a while I take short glance over to the beauty on the side of the road.

I am proud to keep on the road the mass majority of the time. We are after all only frail humans who need love and affection and finding it along the road, at the road side rest which is still fenced in near the highway, is often harder to do than hoping the fence and running through the fields into the deep dark woods to play. Putting on horse blinders is no way to live life, having self-control and maintaining it is a daily mission. Some call it your daily Christian walk in life.

As you can see not exactly the bow and arrow shot from the archer hitting the bull’s-eye that I sincerely believe is only for few after all who can honestly say they hit the bull’s-eye dead center every day? Better to think of the Christian walk as a highway and you can change lanes and even stop on the soft shoulder, take a glimpse after all it is not a sin to enjoy the beauty around you. Than you get back on the bike and ride off and merge into the safe lane, the middle lane, and keeps your eyes focused ahead. That is how I view my Christian walk.




The morning air still, quiet, but moist as you can feel the rain coming

Morning Fires, as they crackle and grow, they provide warmth and there glow – light

Sitting, as the Fire grows, contemplating Life as I know it

Like Fire; relationships only take a small spark to ignite, the wind and air provide oxygen

Kind words, fun and flirty conversations are like adding dry kindling to the small flames

Then the sprinkles came, and like failed relationships, you try to add more wood to keep it growing

Knowing that if you can make the fire big enough it will keep burning while it rains.

You try to work things out, you work so hard at it, yet it is all in vain.

But like relationships doomed, no matter how much wood you put on; the steady downpour is

too much for the fire to last. You stand up soaking wet as the last little amber hides under a wet log

You watch it trying to stay, clawing its way to drier wood, and in one gust of wind it dies out.

I looked up at the sky; I love the rain, as it splashed on my face, my morning shower of sorts.

Failed relationships are much like a fire, they turn to memories, ashes, and the rain

Washes’ them a away.

I wonder how long I will have to wait before the sun comes out, and shines on my lonely face.

You learn things as times goes on about building relationships

The Next one I have I will bring lots of DRY wood and Gasoline, and let the rains come.

We will see who wins, I AM JOE