(Stats from Cosmopolitan magazine)


NOTE: About the author; (I have been reading Cosmo and other magazines and articles on line from match dot com, and others for the last 10 years. So my views are not solely based on one survey in the December issue of Cosmo.)

AS we all know more people from around the world get engaged during the Christmas holidays, more than any other time of year. This year Cosmo took a large scale survey of MEN, not women. The views are drastically different than women. The average age of the male surveyed was 30. A similar survey was done a few years ago with the average age for women being around 28. That survey had only 59% of women see Marriage as a goal. This year with all MEN answering the questions it was both heartfelt and warming to know. MEN believe in marriage. Over 83% of men surveyed say they consider Marriage a goal in life they want to achieve. Men indicated that some women are datable but not marriage material. (Have fun but won’t be bringing her home to mom any time soon). They majority 63% said they will not miss having intimate relations with more than one person. Whether or not they lied because after all when things get personal on these surveys everyone lies (You wonder why 79% of men cheat?) LOL


Specific Questions on MARRIAGE

Marriage is?

An amazing Lifelong partnership – 79%


Should couples live together before marriage? YES – 56%

HUGE change (has the Catholic Church sanctioned this?)


The Most important things to do before getting married? 

Have sex with as many women as you can – 6%

Have a Good solid career and employment – 86%

Own a home – 5%

Have a savings account and retirement account – 16%

(WoW) on home ownership, this tells me that I can be a financial advisor to many young couples. For Home ownership is still the biggest tax break there is.

Regardless of current property values, statistically homes and land basically are great

Investments and hardly ever lose money.


When you think if she is Marriage material?

You think of someone who you can?

Travel the world with, (Amazing Race without the pressure) – 35%

Have sex with the rest of your life – 16%

Start a family with – 73%


What age should you start thinking about commitment to one?

21 – 3%

By 25 – 25%

By 30 – 25%

By 35-  6%

Whenever- You find one true love – 46%


Thoughts of marriage?

Nervous – 12%

Excited – 42%

Indifferent – 36% (this is the same group of men who said Yes to living with each other before marriage, if you are living together getting married is just a formality)

Scared shitless – 2%

Marriages that will need a pre-nup = 12% I got this from women surveyed assume since a pre-nup is mutual agreement between two people both legal and in writing it would be close to being the same for men, it just was not asked


AS of Today Will the wife change her name?

Absolutely – 50%

It’s up to her – 47%

We can combine – 3%

(The first time they all added up to 100%)

This is a huge cultural change before 1960 over 93% of women changed their last name to the mans’ last name


Men’s biggest fear about marriage?


“I fear getting to an age where the pressure to have to get married will make it feel like I have to do it.”


“Worried how life will change with kids? Will I still be able to go hunting, fishing and hang out with the guys?”


“I worry about falling in love, finding my soulmate and not being able to commit to marriage because I don’t have my finance’s together enough to propose.”


“Men assume once you get married you have to act mature and all grown up, they worry they have to grow up and men in general do not want to grow up. We want to play like kids as along as we can.”

(Myth buster, find a women who likes to play with you, it’s called forever young with the right person)


“I am afraid that my wife will become boring and loose her adventurous spirit?” (See myth buster)


Combined from several different sources both men and women agree 89% on this one.


Would you marry a virgin – NO – 89%?

I do not have TV but there was bachelor who stated he was a virgin and the show encourages sleeping together on exotic getaways. Yet 89% of men and women under 30 say no to the virgin? Why? Let’s face it sex is a part of marriage and part of life. I just threw this in. I have a whole blog on the bachelor who declared he was a virgin.


IN Summary, MEN unlike women want to get married.

(Myth buster that men are less committal than women that simply is not true).



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I AM JOE, more than just a name more of a persona of who I am. A 53 yr old man who is creative and comes with integrity and honest. with these my credibility is solid, and reliable. My diverse lifestyle I love to write, have a passion for it, so i have chosen wordpress as my outlet to let out my feelngs, and opinions and views on many different topics. I enjoy reading poetry and other blogs. romance and relationships and fantasy are some of the categories. I know more about Afghanistan than the most people in government. so I occasionaly sound off about getting out of that country quickly. I am single, and adore women they make me all tingly. enough said for now

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