DON JON – FULL REVIEW – 7 out of 10.  

Don Jon is not your normal movie, since it is not a documentary, but the life of Don Jon played by Joseph Gordon Levitt, it is unusual since it is narrated by Joseph Gordon. As he describes the things that are important in his life, it sounds like a normal 25 year old. His car, his appearance, and women. But you realize within the first 3 minutes that the movie is about his addiction to Porn. The movie decides to make the wide and global assumption that all men do Porn. I took offense immediately, since I find Porn disgusting and degrading. Since this is a movie review and not about my sexual preference, let me continue. Joseph Gordon without a doubt hired a personal trainer like many Hollywood A-list stars do. Right from the start, shirtless, hair slicked back, he looks fit, determined and confident. As we know Don Juan stands for a sex god of women, a player who’s only intention is to seduce as many as women as possible and considered to be a great lover and known for his incredible skills in bed satisfying all the women he has sex with. The movie portrays his slick, and confident swagger, only picking up the best looking ladies in a retro disco style nightclub. He proceeds to pick up many good looking women, while still doing porn every day. The narration is clear, porn is better than the real thing. He becomes obsessed with one female who did not bed the first night and a relationship blossoms. Scarlett Johansson is stunningly sexy and beautiful and plays the part of the Queen bitch perfectly. The movie makes a very sarcastic, and degrading reference to the sacrament of confession of the Catholic religion. To the point it could be considered blasphemy. “Bless me father for I have sinned, my last confession is one week ago, and I watched porn every day and masturbated 17 times, for these and all my sins I ask for your forgiveness.” I see the point of it in the movie almost like trying to rid his inner conscience of this repulsive behavior, “I will sin all week, because on Saturday all my sins will be forgiven.” Any hoot, the movie makes a few good points, pornography is and has been proven to be addictive. It causes a mental imbalance where even sex with real women is not as good.

I will not go into everything that happens, but will make note the movie was only a 6 until I watched it the second time. I realized how clever Joseph Gordon was. Every scene his Teenage sister was in, she was glued to her Smart phone. Since every teenager today is glued to their smart phone you really do not notice her. She is never seen looking up and you would think she is not paying attention to anything else but her smart phone, but out of the blue she puts her phone down to give her brother some smart advice, incredible really.  You can watch the whole movie and literally miss 12 seconds and miss the whole point of his sister. (HINT – make popcorn and pause movie to pee). I will not divulge what she said or why or what happens, after all it’s a review not a summary. The question is: “WAS HE ABLE TO CONTROL OR BREAK HIS ADDICTION TO PORN?” I guess you will just have to watch the movie to find out.  After watching it twice I gave it a 7 for pure entertainment of very slick and sick player addicted to porn. The real Don Juan was not, a true lover of woman, but he was born and died before the internet was created. The real question I had after the movie; if it shows him having hard and fast intercourse how do they do that? Stunt men and women? No you can’t see anything purely innuendo? Still how do they do that?



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I AM JOE, more than just a name more of a persona of who I am. A 53 yr old man who is creative and comes with integrity and honest. with these my credibility is solid, and reliable. My diverse lifestyle I love to write, have a passion for it, so i have chosen wordpress as my outlet to let out my feelngs, and opinions and views on many different topics. I enjoy reading poetry and other blogs. romance and relationships and fantasy are some of the categories. I know more about Afghanistan than the most people in government. so I occasionaly sound off about getting out of that country quickly. I am single, and adore women they make me all tingly. enough said for now

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  1. Often I reread and proof read my blogs, and words are missing my mind fills in, hoping if you find a word missing your brain will fill it what is missing. most intelligent people do this without even knowing they do it.

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