FUNNY how I am bloggin on this site about the site I use to blog on? why is that? that is the key to the why Myspace has lost its ability to be fun. instead of rewriting and rewriting all the comments i posted all over the web this morning. i will just copy and paste this comment from CNNs wall

What a interesting Article, about cool and uncool and how Facebook just sorta is there, one of the reasons why facebook never was cool and never will be cool is exactly what this guy said, your aunt just signed up. so did your family and everyone you don’t really want to share your most intimate secrets with. Myspace let you create your own profile, vanilla never was cool, music players, blogs, comments, and bulletins all drove Myspace to become addicting. I use to post stuff like News Corp just bought the Wall street journal people Wake up, older people, smarter people, people with money can play on MySpace too. How about the head of Security on Myspace? where did he come from – Microsoft, and after he cleaned house working with federal, state, and local governments where did he move to Facebook. Yeah little known facts for the common MySpace user, do some research. Check it out. Myspace Failed because it tried to be like Facebook, it took away custom profiles, comments, and ruined the blog community and when it could not compete head on with Facebook, it tried to change to a music site. where did status updates come from; Facebook. WHERE THE HELL IS THE unlike BUTTON. when someone dies and you post it on your wall people come bye and hit LIKE, yeah glad your dad died I HIT THE LIKE button. MYSPACE was Cool this article hit the nail on the head, Facebook never was. MySpace was a place to meet new friends and have fun. I Challenge everyone send 25 strangers on Facebook a message, See how many replies you get? chances are you will get 0

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About scuffer12345

I AM JOE, more than just a name more of a persona of who I am. A 53 yr old man who is creative and comes with integrity and honest. with these my credibility is solid, and reliable. My diverse lifestyle I love to write, have a passion for it, so i have chosen wordpress as my outlet to let out my feelngs, and opinions and views on many different topics. I enjoy reading poetry and other blogs. romance and relationships and fantasy are some of the categories. I know more about Afghanistan than the most people in government. so I occasionaly sound off about getting out of that country quickly. I am single, and adore women they make me all tingly. enough said for now

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